Shifting forms hover above amorphous terrain. Trees become houses, tree limbs grow through windows, fog gathers on glass, mushrooms grow after a storm. You watch through a corridor of light.

Time is a series of rippling concentric circles and Verda is a doorway.  It is the step between that which became and what is presently coming into being, the debt the present owes the future.

Named for the Norns of Old Norse myth who spun the threads of fate and drew water from the sacred well, Verda is about change and flow, the marriage of intentional and volatile processes. 

100% cotton 14oz Los Angeles Apparel Heavy Fleece Hoodie, screen printed in two colors on four surfaces.

Drawings by Christopher Forgues, printing by India Armstrong of Carousels Press.


S: Length 23", Chest 20 1/2", Sleeve 23 7/8", 

M: Length 24", Chest 22 1/2", Sleeve 24 3/8"

L:  Length 24", Chest 24 1/2", Sleeve 24 7/8"

XL: Length 27", Chest 26 1/2", Sleeve 25 3/8"

2XL: Length 28", Chest 28 1/2", Sleeve 25 7/8"