NAMU Future delivers beauty to life.

We offer limited edition runs of life goods born of experimentation and imbued with color. Our process is exploratory. We find fresh feeling through collaboration, innovating through form, surface design, and material construction across clothing, accessories, and home goods.


NAMU applies life to beauty.  

Our practice is grounded in the belief that art can move more closely into our lives, adding pleasure to even our most routine moments.

NAMU centers handcrafts like weaving, dying, knitting, and throwing.This element of touch is the core of our project. Some of our collaborators are expanding into design from fine art backgrounds for the first time in their NAMU editions. These joint works meld that artistry with livability, the ease of care, comfort, and durability demanded by real world use. 

NAMU creates at the scale of relationships.

Our designs emerge through collaboration and the energy of co-creation. This is manufacturing with faces and voices, you can learn about our collaborators through their individual profile pages.

NAMU keeps our supply lines short and traceable. All of our dying, printing, weaving, and knitting happens in house or in collaboration with our partner artists and artisans. This means production happens at the speed of life, and sometimes even inside our own homes. That is why our releases unfold at their own pace departing from the breakneck speed of industrial fashion.

Meet NAMU Future's Founder Jungil Hong here.