Maren Jensen


Maren Jensen is a Portland based artist working with the conceptual vs. impactful realities of an idea, the experience of wading through impercept-ibility, and how and why we define the edge of something. Her intermedia practice uses tapestry weaving, ceramics, drawing, and text to create work around these concepts.



Can you tell us about your collaboration with NAMU? 


A study in the simultaneous concrete and un-concreteness of everything. That feeling in a dream when you can't quite see what's in front of you, there is a gnawing and eternal urge to find where the image comes into focus—a pushing through imperceptibility. A bramble, a maze, a map. “Where is the energy?”



What interests you about fashion?

Clothing for me has often served as a sort of match for the fire of the day. I am fascinated by the ways utilitarian objects, like clothing, can become moments of experimentation and expression, and especially how the utility or ordinariness of clothing can lend approachability to creativity. The ways we get dressed and what we wear can be such a realm of play.



find Maren online:

or on instagram @a_treetruunk