CF (Christopher Forgues) is an artist and musician born in 1979. Called one of the two "most important cartoonists of [his] generation" (Art in America), he is best  for his graphic novel series Powr Mastrs. His work has appeared in acclaimed anthologies like Kramers Ergot and The Best American Comics as well as mainstream publications like The New York Times.

Can you tell us a little bit about your NAMU edition?

was thinking of light coming through a window, drawing on a foggy shower door, trees becoming houses, tree limbs shattering windows, mushrooms growing after a storm, pins in a lock dissolving, childhood discovery of shapes and developing imagination.

What interests you in fashion?

My friend Leomi Sadler says her clothes are "Psychic Armor". My friend Larry Marshall has an idea of a "Culture Shield" - energy you surround yourself with for growth and protection. Wearing the garments I made with Namu gives me this feeling. Clothes begin their life as an object but quickly become imbued with life. Possessed by our spirits they move around when we go inside them. They may wind up in an unlikely place or disintegrate, fall apart from being loved.

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