Chris Reppucci dialogues with living sky and inhabited time as an astrologer, diviner, scholar, and artist. Raised in a household where Tarot, spirit contact, and charm making were woven into all mundane activity, he upholds that tradition, working to model the cycles that move us, offering support in navigation through spirit dialogue, influence tuning, and metaphysical and spatial design. 

“I see fate as a dynamic river system that can be felt, engaged and negotiated with.”

Can you tell us about your NAMU collaboration?

I have been engaged in multiple projects this past year which have me working in a design modality with my metaphysical and ritual skills and resources as a basis for what choices I make design wise, whether its jewelry, living space, land projects, clothing, digital environments or stories themselves.  With NAMU this mode of operating as a design collaborator brought the idea that nothing created has neutral qualities or random attributes to the wearer, furthering the act of decorating one's body into conditioning one's life.  We also modulated the inception chart of NAMU itself to do this, which plays with layers of nested time, and essentially alters the past to effect the present and cast into the future.

What interests you about fashion?

My coherence of fashion is a bit split between a few modalities. First is probably utility. I live in rural places, am often out in the elements handling and working materials, I ride motorcycles and hang out constantly with dogs- I put demand on garments and am interested in unique features which weave into my tactical narrative.

Next I'd say is in the materials. Living stuff. Leather and wool and so on. Stuff that hooks into and merges with your nervous system. Also traditional or heirloom or lineage pieces. This perhaps plays into the 3rd component, which I'd say hovers around persona. I got really into Camile Paglia's Sexual Personae many years ago, in which I heavily resonated with ideas of tapping into the ego rather than suppressing it or dissolving it and allowing for the Daimon or Muse to step forward and lead the person around. This can become a sort of life-drag of willing possession by the far end of Self which is almost totally Other, which can at times blend seamlessly with utility components and at other times wildly contradict them. I think fashion is the perfect venue to host paradox while also seeking deep integration with the vector of reality's goings-on.

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