ASMR homegoods

ASMR homegoods is a clothing project started in 2013 by Providence-based artist Nick Carter. Inspired by natural camouflage and decorative craft patterning, each piece is a 1-of-1 wearable monoprint, often made using bleach and dye on up-cycled or deadstock garments. Each item is designed to create intimacy between the wearer and their own body while simultaneously confounding the eye of a surveiller.

Nick Carter is an artist and educator living and working in Providence, RI. His practice involves painting, printmaking, clothing, installation, and performance.

His work explores ideas of surface and depth, figure and ground, mixing strategies used in camouflage and the decorative arts. His alterations of secondhand textiles seek to engage the emotional resonances and metaphorical connotations of colors and patterns, and reconsider how we relate to our bodies and those of others.

His work has been shown in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Mexico, and Mexico City. He was awarded the Harpo Foundation’s Emerging Artist Fellowship in 2014 and a Fellowship in Painting from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts in 2013.

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and on instagram: @asmr_homegoods