This garment emerges from our second collaboration with Chris Reppucci. The materials, process, and design are rooted in a geomantic puzzle that surfaced through divination while Venus was in Pisces, to arrive again resolved as Venus moved into Taurus. It is a contemplation of the heart.


Cotton with silk noil label

Hand sewn in Monson 

Wash cool on gentle cycle and line dry



Width 24.5", Length 22.5", Arm (from head opening) 26.5"



This is not exactly a talisman
Though the times were elected 
It’s more a contemplation 
On the symbol of the heart 
Playing Card Suit 
With Botanical Origin 
Venusian Green 
More sexual than romantic 
A Possible Kykeon 
Game Of Leaves 
The cards you play are the money you win 
The money you win is the cards you play 
Cure for love-Madness and romantic obsession 
Romance of blood and chalices 
Mutual investment 
Long term and distant 
Holy Grails 
Losing ones heart 
Under arches 
Cryptographic key 
Unlocking value 
Alphabet of Desire